Mechanism setup of a conveyour

I wish to model a mechanism that will allow me to study the forces of a
carriage that runs on a curved (straights and bends) conveyour rail.
This is quiet straight forward to setup, but I want to be able to pull
the carriage along the conveyour rail at a constant linear speed. At
the moment I have to drive the carriage along thestraight and curved
parts of the conveyour rail with seperate drivers (one plane offset,
one rotary).
Does anybody know a way of setting up a driver to do this. (I've been
asking PTC to include a point along curve driver for some time now with
no response).
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What's driving the belt? Or do you have the belt driving itself, no chain, no pulley, no gears? I've seen belts like this. They're driven by a single sprocket gear /chain driver with some x,y motion translated, no big dral. But, I don't see what this minor x,y translation has to do with the essential belt loop and its definition. Can you get the belt to loop? That's the big question, everything else is variation on that theme.
David Janes
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David Janes

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