PTC programms with discounts (Pro Engineer 2004, Ansys 8, UG, Inventor)

Cristmans sales!!!!!!!
more information for order:

Top sales:
Solidworks 2004 =3cd-rs= USD 100 NEW - USD 70 !!!!!!!
Solidworks 2003 SP4 =3cd-rs= USD 100 - USD 60 !!!!!!!
Solid Edge 14 =2 cd-rs= USD 80 - USD 50 !!!!!!!
ANSYS 8 USD 100 NEW - USD 50 !!!!!!!
Ideas 10 =9cd-rs= USD 200 - USD 100 !!!!!!
Pro Engineer 2003 Wildfire =2cd-rs= USD 100 USD 70 !!!!!!
Pro Engineer library 2003 USD 75 USD 50 !!!!!!
ArchiCAD 8.2 Pro USD 80 USD 50 !!!!!!
ACAD 2004 =2cd-rs= USD 100 USD 70 !!!!!!
Autodesk Architect desktop 2004 =2cd-rs= USD 80 USD 70 !!!!!
Autodesk Building Systems 2004 ENG =2cd-rs= USD 80 USD 70 !!!!!
Catia v5r11 sp3 =7cd-rs= USD 150 USD 100 !!!!!!
MCAD 9.2 =2cd-rs= USD 80 USD 50 !!!!!!
AlphaCAM 2003 USD 100 USD 50 !!!!!!
ANSYS 7.2 USD 75 USD 50 !!!!!!
3D MAX 5.2 =2cd-rs= USD 80 USD 60 !!!!!!
Surfer v8 =2cd-rs= USD 100 USD 50 !!!!!!
WaterCAD 6.5 USD 100 USD 50 !!!!!!
Autodesk Inventor 7.2 USD 80 USD 50 !!!!!!
Unigraphics NX =2cd-rs= USD 100 USD 70 !!!!!!
Library for Archicad 8 USD 70 NEW USD 50 !!!!!!
Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire
Pro/ENGINEER Detailed Design
Pro/ENGINEER Foundation Advantage
Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Assembly
Pro/ENGINEER Design Collaboration
Pro/ENGINEER Expert Framework
Pro/ENGINEER Student Edition
Pro/ENGINEER Simulation
Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Structural and Thermal
Pro/ENGINEER Structural and Thermal
Pro/ENGINEER Fatigue Advisor
Pro/ENGINEER Mechanism Dynamics
Pro/ENGINEER Behavioral Modeling
Pro/ENGINEER Production
Pro/ENGINEER Complete Mold Design
Pro/ENGINEER Complete Machining
Pro/ENGINEER Computer-Aided Verification
Pro/ENGINEER Expert Moldbase
Pro/ENGINEER NC Sheetmetal
Pro/ENGINEER Plastic Advisor
Pro/ENGINEER Prismatic and Multi-surface Milling
Pro/ENGINEER Production Machining
Pro/ENGINEER Progressive Die
Pro/ENGINEER Tool Design
Pro/ENGINEER Routed Systems
Pro/ENGINEER Routed Systems Designer
Pro/ENGINEER Piping Design
Pro/ENGINEER Cabling Design
Pro/ENGINEER Workgroup Data Management
Windchill Pro/ENGINEER Extension
Pro/ENGINEER Conceptual and Industrial Design
Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Rendering
Pro/ENGINEER Interactive Surface Design
Pro/ENGINEER Reverse Engineering

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CADDS 5i Data Exchange
CADDS 5i Optegra
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Non of the PTC program will work after Jan. 10 with the interprocess bug PTC just found.
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Ben Loosli
I've been informed that the bug occurs if your are running pro and intralink, stand alone seats of pro should work fine.
Ben Loosli wrote:
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Except that PTC.Setup for whatever reason uses the same timing routine, so it fails.
Also, don't forget that this guy is selling illegal copies of software. If you pay your money you may or may not get the code, so Buyer be Ware!
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Ben Loosli
yeah, I was hesitant on continuing the current thread with that info in regards to the ptcsetup issue, I was reading at that the ptcsetup is not an issue with win2k & 2001
Ben Loosli wrote:
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