[Annc] New getting into FPGAs video guide

Hi all,
I have just released a new online Video guide called "The BurchED Getting
Started with Xilinx FPGAs Video Guide"
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It is an easy step-by-step guide for FPGA beginners. I go all the way
through from "What is an FPGA?" right up to compiling designs and
downloading to your FPGA board.
There's a Free Membership area where you can watch some videos for free.
* FPGAs for Beginners - the Top 6 Questions answered (including "How is that
different to a microcontroller?")
How to choose an FPGA board
* An independent review of available FPGA boards
What to do when you first get your FPGA board
* How to download and install the free Xilinx design software
There's also an introductory offer on the full video guide, which includes
18 videos on getting started with Xilinx FPGAs. Some of the benefits are:
Save time and effort when getting started with FPGAs
* Avoid the big mistakes that often derail first time FPGA users
Save money - advice to lower your cost when getting an FPGA board
* Expand your design options by putting FPGAs in your toolbox
Achieve the satisfaction and fun of designing your own FPGA circuits
* Amaze your colleagues with your new FPGA skills
Gain the skills and confidence needed to go on and make more complex
I look forward to seeing you over there. Grab the Free membership & have a
look at the introductory offer on the full video guide
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Kind regards,
Anthony Burch
BurchED - Making it easy to get started with FPGAs
PS. A note for University Lecturers:
University & company site licenses are available. Minimise the amount of
lecture time that you spend teaching FPGA basics. Let your students do this
video course at home. Please email me for details about great value site
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Tony Burch
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has anyone here tried buying the complete course? what did you think about the content?
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I can tell you that people have purchased. All of the feedback that I have had is very positive. Of course, it would be cool if a purchaser could comment here.
There's a "60-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee" on the product. So if you purchase it and don't like it, for whatever reason, I will be happy to give you 100% of your money back.
Anthony Getting Started With Xilinx FPGAs Video Guide
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Tony Burch
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