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I have a compaq ipaq 3635 that was laying around with no use. Now that I'm using VS.NET 2005, I saw that you can develop apps for Pocket PC 2003, then I thought "why not?"....

Well, after a couple of ROM upgrades, I found out that my ipaq is to old to be upgraded to Pocket PC 2003 (HP doesn't care anymore). But I'm still interested in develop a few test programs on my ipaq after all.

Do you know of any good compiler for pocket pc 2002 with high productivity? If not, do you want to buy my ipaq? :-)



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The Microsoft Embedded C++ SDK is on this page,

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They have a simulator also so you can see your program running on a virtual PDA for quick debugging. I think we also used the smartphone

2002 simulator with this setup for some reason.

We wrote an application for Pocket PC 2000 (black and white PDAs) and

2002 (color PDAs) It should be a free download.

Our target was an IPAQ.


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Although the link is for the SDK only, I was able to find the link for the eMbedded Visual Tools 3.0... it's downloading (200 and something MBs)... let's see..

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A few year ago i got some SW from Microsoft that i could use to make programs for a Compaq PDA .

The SW was called :

"MS Embedded Visual Tools" and it containd a "Basic" (much like MSVB) and an "C++" compiler.


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