fa $1 ELECTRONIC BRAINS for robots

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Electronic Boards (microcontroller-based)
And Lego ROBOTICS electrical stuff
RCX robot computer
ONE BIG BOX of lego mindstorms stuff (~15 lb)
Motor drivers, controllers (speed, direction)
Integrated Circuits
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I probably shouldn't say anything, but you are asking WAY WAY too much for that stuff.
And $4.85 shipping for two tank track sets???
Good luck in your auctions.
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Alan Kilian
Well, now that you said it... How about this
$1 Lego TRACKS for mobile ROBOTS gears axles
starting at $4.95
It is !@#$%^& me off.
Mike Keesling
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People, you are right. Will fix that for the next postings.
If you could suggest some reasonable prices and s/h I am willing to try them for all my auctions because I want to sell the stuff (:-)
Thank you for the feedback.
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I would suggest dropping your shipping to $1.50 since you can get quite a bit of stuff in a bag for $1.50
I charge $1.00 for PCBs and $2.50 for entire strobe tubes.
Then, probably drop the opening bid to $0.99 and see if you get any hits.
You are paying to list your products, so if you don't get any sales, you will know that you are charging too much.
It looks like you have hundreds of auctions going right now, so in about ten days, you can look at the success rate and see if you are getting anywhere. THen lower the prices on half, the shipping on the other half and wait ten days and see which made the sales come in better.
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Alan Kilian

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