Mars Exploration Rover Update - June 8, 2004

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SPIRIT UPDATE: Keep On Rovin' - sol 145-147, June 08, 2004

On sol 145, Spirit completed a 43-meter (141 feet) engineer-directed drive and then spent two hours roving another 55 meters (180 feet) using the autonomous navigation software.

Spirit roved 61 meters (200 feet) on sol 146, and 52 meters (171 feet) on sol 147. At its current rate, the rover is on schedule for a sol 160 arrival at the base of the "Columbia Hills."

Spirit currently has a total of 2.98 kilometers (1.85 miles) on its odometer.

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Nice, but the most recent sol of spirit was 152. Why is this kind of News delayed 5 days ?

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Carla Schneider


Underfunding and understaffing, most likely. Note, however, that at least raw images are posted promptly (usually no more than a day or so behind acquisition). It would be nice if the Cassini project could be as prompt.

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The Artist Formerly Known as K

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