MER-B 'Opportunity' Launch Postponed To No Earlier Than June 30

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MER-B 'Opportunity' Launch Postponed To No Earlier Than June 30 Kennedy Space Center June 29, 2003

The launch of the "Opportunity" Mars Exploration Rover has been postponed to no earlier than Monday evening (June 30). The delay is due to problems with the cork insulation on the Delta rocket's first stage.

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Ron Baalke
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George 's collects corks from Champagne bottles and to this day he's got ...euh ! .. How many corks do you have George, at the present time ? ...

Anyway when you come on July 5th, come early with your corks bag ... they might be needed to plug up that thing ! See you there on the Tarmac .. Mate !


~~Ignorance Is The Cosmic Sin, The One Never Forgiven ! ~~

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{#} Mining Pioneer

Not if I can help it. And I'm not your mate, mate!

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