Robot overpassing 10 in height blocks

I am trying to get a robot with a basic 12 in x 5 in x 3 in frame able to overpass a 10 in height by 2 in wood or metallic block driving on medium rough terrain.

I got general information about some configurations that appears to be conventional procedures to climb over obstacles or stairs. A loop with several modules (i.e. "PolyBot") or a 6 wheel shrimp rover could be part of that group.

Even though, I have seen some Rovers

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pretty good to manage the operation through the terrain,. Although they do not look like able to overpass the obstacle cited (Independently of the "Urbie" too big considering the size constrains). Is this correct?

I am a newcomer to realize this task.

Any suggestion to develop a basic configuration able to "do away" the obstacle problem?



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The main problem is that you want to pass over a 10" wall with a 12" long vehicle is a difficult problem. I know of several designs which will go over something about 1/2 their wheel-height, but nothing better.

The Poly-Bot idea isn't a bad idea, though you would have to perhaps figure out a way to use one or more of them as a stepping stone for the others.

If you knew the specifics of the wall it might be possible to create a bot that could scale the wall by an unconventional means, such as suction cups or just plain old jumping.

Good luck!

-- D. Jay Newman

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D. Jay Newman

I considered a 10" wall in a worse case scenario, although the wall that the robot will handle are between 3" to 7" tall.

The robot environment will be similar to an attic. It will be covered with insulation of Fiberglass on most of the pads between the obstacles.

I guess that dimension of the robot "wheel to wheel" could be incremented up to 2 feet. It could be done considering a retractable composition for the legs or tracks.

Any document able to supply with an input to focus this particular design?

Thank you in advance,


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