1966 Model Prices

just rcvd a 1966 Revell catalog from ebay.
50 cents, $1.00, $3.00. their most expensive kit was the $12.00 1/96
I know a good salary back then was around $6000, but geez these are low
and to think I set them all on fire and melted them in my
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I have a 1966 Revell catalog too that I bought for $.25 back in 1966. I also have a collection of other Revell, Aurora, etc. catalogs from this same time period. I have to say that knowing these prices has really constrained my thinking when it comes the prices of current kits. To think that the Revell 1/72 Memphis Belle B-17 kit was only $2.00 back then and to see the Revell-Germany current issue price of around $20.00 really blows me away. A kit over $12 is "expensive" to me now, at least in the back of my mind. I have to keep reminding myself that prices have gone up - $0.05 candy bars are now around $0.79, $0.15 Cokes are now $1.00, and $3.99 records are now $14.99 CDs. Of course back then, $2 to me was like $20 is now so I guess everything is relative. ;^)
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The Collector
Yeah, being around back then has sure warped my mind about prices. When Hasegawa's Me 262 kit came out around $12 I thought they'd lost it. I bought several Revells for 50¢ each and I couldn't see a 1/72nd fighter being worth $12. It pretty well soured me on Hasegawa for years.
Of course, I've paid prices around that for short-run kits from Europe since. And, I paid a lot more for larger aircraft kits too.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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They may have been relatively cheap in the US but they were much more expensive by the time they reached England, especially when compared to the home produced Airfix and Frog.
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I did a comparison with ads in a late 50s model mag, and a chart of the CPI (inflation). The cheapest kits of today are in line with inflation. The problem is that there is a big RANGE of kit prices today. The more expensive ones are much more than the inflation rate if you compare them with price of plastic kits in late fifties and early sixties, but it is not a fair comparison.
Plastic kits of that era were pretty basic. The Testors/Hawk models, for example, had no cockpit detail, many had no landing gear (you got a stand to mount them on in flying (wheels up) configuration. BTW, some of those same kits are available today and very much priced in line with inflation,.
There WERE no kits then comparable to the more expensive Tamiya stuff of today, with hundreds of parts and fine detail.
Many of the early car kits were "curbside", no motor and minimal, cast into bottom, drive train.
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota
I kept many of those kts from the 1960's. Even though I have sold the bulk of my collection twice, some are still there.
A couple of years back I bought a kit at a meeting. When I got home and looked it over I found my mark inside the box top. I wonder how many hands t went through in the interim?
On the other hand, I have only one of those old kits that I built back then. It's a Monogram P-51B in a pretty good natural metal with one machne gun bay opened up and Swedish markings.
D> > just rcvd a 1966 Revell catalog from ebay.
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