Airfix 1/32 M3 Lee

No laughing! I need one of the torsion bars, the upside down smile that you use two to trap the wheels between, the figures and the decals.

If anyone has a kit they've given up on, will pay reasonable amount.

And don't laugh, it really isn't a bad kit, more accurate than Tamiya or Monogram (at least the tracks are right) and it goes together well.


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Thank you.

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I agree Frank, I have both the M3 Grant and the M3 Lee. Both are superior to the Monogram and Tamiya kits. Unfortunately, I don't have any parts to spare. Have you considered some old Sherman or Lee parts from the parts box?

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Rob Gronovius (Rob Gronovius) wrote in news:

As Ron has suggested in an email, I'm going to try casting it in resin if I don't find one. I have the Grant to pirate a spare off of for now. We are still recovering from the move and the new baby, so it will be a bit before I dig out the resin and make a safe place to do it. I was just knocking the Lee together for something straightforward to do. I'd watched Sahara and got motivated. 8) Thanks

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