ARM: Review - Bronco 1/35 scale Soviet 76.2mm Ammo Set

Kit Review: Bronco 1/35 Scale Kit No. AB3534; Soviet 76.2mm Ammunition
Set; 102 parts in tan styrene; price around US$12-15
Advantages: nice, crisp moldings with complete crating for use with
towed or self-propelled artillery weapons
Disadvantages: nothing major noted
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommendation: for all Soviet artillery fans with 76.2mm divisional
The Soviets concentrated their field artillery research, development
and production on only a few calibers during WWII: 45mm, 57mm, 76.2mm,
122mm, 152mm and 203mm. The first two were antitank guns, the 76 a
divisional gun, the 122 and 152mm corps and army weapons, and the 203
an RGVK heavy howitzer. A few stray weapons were used, but these were
the primaries.
To that end, the Soviets picked fixed sets of ballistics and stuck
with them; these meant that any gun with those ballistics could use
the same set of ammunition and achieve the same results as any other
gun with those ballistics. Ditto the ammunition. The majority of
76.2mm field guns could fire either the 350 series or later 354 series
ammunition as could the T-34 and KV-1 with their 76mm guns.
This set offers parts for six cases of three 76.2mm rounds each, but
for some reason provides mixed ammunition. Each case comes with one
OF-350 high-explosive fragmentation round (J8), one D-350 smoke round
(J10) and one BR-350 armor-piercing round (J9). At least as everything
here is divisible by 3, you can fix that problem by grouping the
rounds in their respective cases.
Decals are included with lot numbers for each round and also German
case markings for the outside of the cases.
Overall while the directions aren=92t much help the rounds will go well
with any F-22 or ZIS-3 weapon, as well as the Su-76 or a T-34 or KV-1
with a 76.
Cookie Sewell
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