ARM: Review - DML Wiking Division Panzergrenadiers 1945

Kit Review: DML 1/35 Scale ?39-?45 Series Kit No. 6194; Panzergrenadiers Wiking Division (Hungary 1945); 106 parts; price varies from $6.95-8.95

Advantages: first time that this reviewer has seen the later war short German parka modeled; nice poses as is typical for DML figures

Disadvantages: figures are limited to winter/cold weather use

Rating: Highly Recommended

DML would seem to have access to just about every German uniform type used in the Second World War, and have been kind enough for German fans to bring most of them into plastic. Better still, many of them are easily interchangeable with other parts from other DML kits to permit a tremendous selection of poses and combinations.

This set is based on the end of the line for the 2nd SS Panzer Division, a unit hammered by both the Soviets and the Americans, and after the Battle of the Bulge essentially withdrawn to Hungary to lick its wounds. While the soldiers here appear a bit better equipped and healthier than I think the originals were, DML (and Ron Volstad, their "artist of record") have created a nice set of four soldiers marching. All wear the late-war short parka jacket with hood, but the trousers vary from a snow camo pair to overalls to camouflage smock.

Weapons are mundane (one sprue from set #6005, one from #6070, and two from #6105) but as they have been top notch all along this is not a problem. The prime focus is an MG-42 machine gun team so most of these parts are for extra machine gun ammo boxes.

The uniforms are well done, and all of the hoods are molded separately.

Overall, this is another nice set from DML, but I personally think they should have looked more forlorn!

Thanks to Freddie Leung for the review sample.

Cookie Sewell

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