Dragon kits - Sd.Kfz.10 Ausf.A Pak 38 1:35 'smart kit' - don't judge a kit by the boxart ?

I bought this kit recently as 1 of 4 for my son to create a diorama
with for this birthday. When I used to build, there was pretty much
only Tamiya, Airfix, Revell around plus a few others that I never
really paid much attention to, or had the money for.
We threw in this kit as a cheap one, as I had already blown the budget
- having seen Dragon box artwork before I thought this was going to be
crappy, cheap but cheerful type of kit. I was very surprised when we
opened it up, it was a high detail kit with etch parts and individual
track links. I can't report on the part fit quality as yet.
If this turns out to be a reasonably high quality kit in terms of parts
fitting etc., then if I were Dragon I'd be sacking my boxart artists -
I was judging them on boxart quality having been not familar with the
So what's the consensus about Dragon and Trumpeter out there ?
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The problem with most modern kits is modelers drove the manufacturers to st op making "that's close" kits and instead get them as close to right as pos sible. That meant a switch to multimedia (e.g. etched brass, resin, and met al bits) as well as fine details. Result: kits went from 100-200 parts up t o well over 1,300 in some cases (e.g. DML Tiger I, Meng T-90A, Trumpeter SC UD B, etc.) and are NOT for kids. Boxes claim "not suitable for under 3 yea rs of age" but that is ridiculous.
The older kits are still out there - Revell/Monogram regularlly re-releases old Monogram and Renwal kits whose molds were cut in the 1950s and that is more like what I think you were looking for.
Cookie Sewell
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Interesting. Yes I was amazed and surprised at the detail in the Dragon kit - I think the box says "14 years" which is the exact age of my son, but he's still a beginner. I haven't built a kit for many years so I doubt even I could do a half decent job on it, but I'm still impressed and pleased that the modelling world hasn't gone completely to snap-together kits like Matchbox !
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