Need a laugh = Ebay Item mis-description

Hi there. I just saw this description on Ebay:

"Brand New, Unassembled,

Trumpeter1/350 HMS Hood Royal Air Force model,

kit number 05302."

I have heard the British refered to HMS Hood as the largest submarine afloat but I can not see where the seller could possibly have come up with that description.

Cheers from Peter

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did it have way out of scale screws?

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You really want a laugh, read this:

formatting link
is actually cruel to do, as the guy is trying as hard as he can to get it right, but there's a severe breakdown in translation. I've just contacted him and offered to get the translations right for him, but it's so amusing to read the way it's written right now. :-D

That ol' "kerosene blooded metal freshed blood sucker"


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Pat Flannery

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