/3GB switch - how to enable it and a memory leak.

I enabled this by using

4\3gb after /fastdetect in the boot.ini

This works fine.

With one model I am finding that SW will terminate when virtual memory reaches about 2.6GB. I have 2GB installed and my pagefile is 2GB giving total virtual memory of 4 gb. When SW reaches about 2GB of physical ram then physical memory usage starts to go down while virtual memory usage continues to go up. Setting pagefile to 4GB delays this a bit.

The other interesting thing is what is causing this memory usage. I have a simple part with four features. I am making jpegs using Joe Jones animation techniques by running a macro and writing a jpeg each time I change something in my model. When I run the macro just to the screen (by commenting the SaveAs4 call there is no great drain on memory. But with the SaveAs4 call enabled SW steadily eats up memory till it terminates. Has anybody else seen this?

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I am using the same 4\3gb in my AMD 64 FX51 and my system will hang up around that 2.6 gig area also. I am working in a very intense injection mold. It seems happens when I am running around a 2-2.5 gig virtual memory and then try to "save" the mold to disk. Memory usage starts to climb and tops out around 2.6, Solidworks hangs but does not terminate. Luckily this has only happened twice in the 2-3 weeks I have been using it. I had my page file set at 4.09 gigs min, 4.09 max. VAR suggested I set my page file to 4.00 min 4.09 max, hasn't happened since. I may not be pushing it as hard. Here is the last line of my boot.ini file: multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect 4\3gb

Good Luck, Mike

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Michael Eckstein


Thanks. I adjusted my pagefile to 4 GB and that helped a bit. I never thought to make min and max slightly different. I think that the 3GB switch still has a limit of 3GB and from what I understand SW will usually bomb before the limit because it must grab contiguous memory.

I guess the th> I am using the same 4\3gb in my AMD 64 FX51 and my system will hang up

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