API issue

I'm using SW2007 SP4, VB6 Professional.

I'm trying to create arcs, circles, and ellipses in a 3d sketch in Solidworks via the API in VB6.

While on the VB Side I am passing numerical arguments (coordinates in meters) to the API methods (i.e. swmodel.CreateArc2), the resulting artifacts displayed on the solidworks screen are confusing.

What appears to be happening is that all of the Z value arguments from VB are being truncated or reset to zero for solidworks. So an arc with a centerpoint of (1,1,1) gets drawing on the Global XY plane as having a centerpoint of (1,1,0).

All of the garbled entities are part of a 3d sketch. But they are all planar on the global XY plane, while they should be spatially oriented.

Has anyone else run into this?

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