Is it possible to input mathematical expression in SW?


I am wondering if it is possible to input a trigonometry function such as ATAN (X), ACOS(X), ASIN(X) ETC into the Linear Step & Repeat Angle box under Sketch Tools - Linear step & repeat - Direction 1 & Direction 2. If not how can you input the exact value of the angle knowing only the horizontal and vertical dimension of the two lines forming the driven direction? I can always sketch the driven direction line, dimension it horizontally and vertically to obtain the exact shape, delete one dimension (either horizontally or vertically), dimension the angle, copy and paste the value in the angle box. Is there a better way of doing this?

Your suggestion and help is greatly appreciated.

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Equations in SW use VB syntax and functions. Some trig functions and all the inverse trig (IIRC) are not directly implemented as VB functions. You'll have to use trig identites to simulate them in your equations. There is a table of equations to use for this somewhere in the VB help. Open the macro editor, and go to the help there. Search for one of the missing funtions, and you should be able to find the table.

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Dale Dunn

Yes, using the SW API would be easiest.

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Robert Hanson

Set them into a design table: Excel will let you use this.

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