Jim Zink and Athlon vs P4

Jim from Symmetry Solutions, Inc, I got an email from you today. Not sure
who you are but welcome.
As for P4 vs Athlon64. I'm here to tell you that the P4 does not pull way
ahead of the Athlon64. The AMD trounces it... in single or dual cpu
operations. The reason that Specview Pro/E and UG tests fair so well is
because they are *synthetic* benchmarks. And the Athlon64 has been creaming
any flavor of P4 for months... see PCWorld and their tests showing the P4
taking much longer to complete even the 2d AutoCAD tests. To say the P4
beats it handily in Cad, rendering, etc. is a pipe dream.
Look at the Spec Solidworks benchmark that actually runs licensed
Solidworks. There isn't a P4 made that can touch an Athlon64, whether
you're comparing the Athlon64, the AthlonFX or the Opteron. Thanks to
"bigger pipes" the AMD's are beasts, at a third slower clock speed.
I'm really sort of the wrong guy to target with that kind of marketing but
thanks anyway.
- Eddy
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