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Perhaps you should try using a different SW function. We have a very similar system here - the user selects a drawing size from a custom form, then the program generates the drawing, adds the standard three views, and saves the file with the correct file name and in the correct location. We use the following line to create the drawing:

Set swDwg = swApp.OpenDoc2(Buffer & ".drwdot", swDocDRAWING, True, False, True, errLong)


Hello everyone, > I am creating a utility which generates formatted drawing sheets from a user > form. The problem I am having is that when the form appears on the screen, the > image does not seem to fill the whole window pane. The left and top edges have a > kind of "ghost" on them. If anyone wants to help I will be glad to send a screen > (scream?) shot. There is about a 1/4" margin on the top and left hand sides that > acts as if the drawing is not filling it. If I "ALT/TAB" to another window, then > back, when I go back the margins contain left over image from the previous > window. If I maximize and then go back to partial size, the band goes away on > the top but remains on the left. I have tried it on two different computers, one > Win2000 and one WinXP. Same thing. If I minimize then maximize again, it returns > to the top and the left as well. The drawing itself seems to "work" OK, but > those edges just look nasty. > The part of the code that actually generates the drawing is below. There are > other routines that take user input from a form to set up the properties. I > thank in advance everyone who offers any help! > -plh > > Private Sub cmbMakeItSo_Click() > Dim bolRtn As Boolean > > Set swApp = Application.SldWorks > > Select Case intSize > Case 0 > Set swDrawing = swApp.NewDocument(A_FORMATSHEET, swDwgPaperAsize, 0#, 0#) > Case 2 > Set swDrawing = swApp.NewDocument(B_FORMATSHEET, swDwgPaperBsize, 0#, 0#) > Case 3 > Set swDrawing = swApp.NewDocument(C_FORMATSHEET, swDwgPaperBsize, 0#, 0#) > Case 4 > Case Else > MsgBox ("Unexpected result in Case Else @


End Select > Set swDoc = swApp.ActiveDoc > swDoc.SummaryInfo(swSumInfoAuthor) = strAuthor > swDoc.SummaryInfo(swSumInfoComment) = strTitle > bolRtn = swDoc.AddCustomInfo2("Material", swCustomInfoText,


bolRtn = swDoc.AddCustomInfo2("Revision", swCustomInfoText, strRev) > 'swDoc.FileSummaryInfo > > End Sub > > I keep hitting "Esc", but I'm still here! > (If "123" is in the email address that's and anti-spam thing - remove it) >
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