Shortcut keys (hotkeys) for SW2005

I have just gone through SW2005 to ferret out the changes in the hotkeys and
have posted my updated list at:
formatting link

The changes I found are thus:
Repeat Last Command - Enter
View Task Pane - Ctrl-F1
View Quick Snaps - F3
Line command - l
Next Edge - n
Accept Edge - y
Move Drawing View Up, Down, Left, Right - arrow keys
Some of these new ones require disabling if you use "my" standard keys, such
as n - I use it for Note. I also found some "errors" that I have turned in,
such as repeated commands, Ctrl-F still doesn't work, etc.
The Copy Options Wizard has been improved for 2005, and in conjunction with
that, the hotkeys are now stored in the registry under an area called Custom
Accelerators. I haven't figured out all the details of the key structure &
values, but that's where they are. So, that means the Wizard can output the
hotkeys also. Yeah! If you haven't looked at the Wizard for 2005, it's
worth taking a gander. It will output all the custom settings, toolbar
info, hotkeys, etc and let you choose what to output.
Let me know of any additions or corrections.
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SW2005 stores the hotkeys in the registry, so I had to redo mine to get them there. As I was doing so, I realized that a few changes to the list would help, therefore, I just updated my list again.
Just a note - 2005 will recognize the .CUS file and use it, but the Copy Options Wizard, of course, won't find them.
1. Changed Parallel dim to Smart dim. 2. Added prefixes to the ones we added to indicate the group in which to find them. 3. Made some notations as the result of new items for SW2005. 4. Added another macro hotkey.
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formatting link
This is a link to the CopyOptionsWizard file for my hotkeys. You can download it, double-click on it, and the Wizard should start. It will prompt you to export your current settings as a backup, and that's a good idea. It will then allow you to add all the hotkeys as I have defined them. If, for some reason, you decide you don't like it, you can always delete the HKLU key for SW2005 and restore from your backup file. As always, mucking around in the registry carries some risk, but using the Wizard greatly reduces that risk. Just pay attention to what you touch.
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