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I am having trouble making a through all hole. Now, I have done plenty of regular through all holes that go either vertical or horizontal. But, this current project I am working on requires a hole that is angled at 45 degrees.

I will just quickly describe the part:

There is a base plate that is 8"x8". In the center is a cylinder with a height of 2". On the top of the cylinder is a chamfer at a 45 degree angle for .75". On this chamfer is where I need to put this through all hole.

I already have the circle drawn on that side by sketching a plane on the chamfer. It's just that when I go to extruded cut it says that I need to specify the direction of extrusion. I thought that I would be able to select the plane to show the direction, but it says it is invalid.

Any suggestions?


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I believe direction refers to a vector direction (a line in this case) not a surface.

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Bruce Bretschneider

Rather than jumping through hoops use the hole wizard.

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it's possible that you will need too add a second direction (to ciut away the back face) because the sketch is within the chamfer face or enveloped such that it causes a error?


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Draw it up both ways per the OP's description and check it out for yourself. Place three holes the same size on that surface.

Then make a drawing for each model. Make sure you have one view normal to the holes and dimension them using "annotation" "hole callout".

It should become clear.


I do tend to use the hole wizard a lot, as a matter of practice I like to c-sink holes to deburr them. I like it dimensioned and called on the print (rather than a general note) so at manufacturing the parts are not deburred too little or too much. Adding a c-sink with the hole wizard is very easily done and it's just a couple clicks to get the dimensions called out on the print.


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You say you sketched a plane on the chamfer. Is this circle on a sketched plane in a 3DSketch? That would explain why you need to secify a direction vector. I haven't done much extruding from 3DSketches, but I remember thinking it was being fussy about what it would accept to define the direction vector. I doesn't seem to accept geometry from within the

3DSketch. If the circle is in a 3DSketch, open a 2d sketch on the plane you created, draw the circle on that, and all should behave normally.

Of course, there are alternatives to this construction, such as using the hole wizard with a 3DSketch, or creating the hole with a cut-revolve. I don't know what your design requires.

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Dale Dunn

What's your answer to the original poster's problem?

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Scott Ferrin

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