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Just joined my local Stationary Engine Club. We had a slide show last night,
The photo's were crap but still interesting (Mainly underexposed) The only
problem was the back room chatters who did not wish to partake in the show.
All I could here were snide comments & silly laughter. My old Classic Car
Club was the same. Whenever we had a speaker on, there would be the ignorant
few who had their own meeting at the bar. we were forever telling them to
shut up.
Are back room chatters a common theme at meetings?
What are your thoughts?
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Colin Jacobs
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Very common. Why do the deaf always sit at the back :-) I've only ever seen one speaker quell them with a piercing glare. Mind you he does produce exceedingly good pics :-) regards Roland
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Roland Craven
As a former Club secretary / Chairman I took upon myself to make sure people were quiet, I used to get the glares but at least it stayed quiet for the speaker.
Martin P
Roland Craven wrote:
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Oi I,m not deaf! Seriously though it does go against the grain. I do slide shows on Natural History & I say to back room chatters. "I will stop now so that the conversation at the back can continue, when they have finished I will carry on"
Only once has the stoppage caused an invite not to return because "we were all so embarrassed! Colin.
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Colin Jacobs
I do a fair amount of public speaking & always make it clear at the outset that whilst I relish questions and cheerful banter at the end, I do rather expect to be the only one talking during the presentation. I have a loud voice and a commanding manner (so they tell me ;o)) ) so it usually works.
There was an exception some years ago and I asked everyone if they would hang on a minute, walked to the back of the room & sat down at the chatterers table, looking expectant. A deathly hush fell. "Carry on", says I "I'd not want to miss it as it is obviously important".
You could have heard a pin drop thereafter !
Kim Siddorn
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Kim Siddorn

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