First of all, what a fantastic news group. Only recently discoverd it. Thanks to those of you who gave me leads regarding who my bamford engine. Back to my e mail picture help. Whenever i send an email along with a photograph the recipitant only recieves 25% of the picture but in full screen view.On my screen it looks ok but in "print preview" the picture is only about 25%. the image can be viewd whole but only by scolling up and down and left and right. Unfortunatly I havnt got a 5 yr old to put me right so i could do with some advice please. Looking forward to your replies Mark Marlow

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What is the image size?

What is the resolution of your monitor that you are viewing it on?

An image that is 1024 X 768 will not view in one piece on a monitor set to 800 X

600 for example, but an 800 X 600 image will fit very nicely into a monitor screen or 1024 X 768.

If you know both sets of figures, you should be able to see the problem....

Let us have some figures to discuss.


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