HELP! BMC 2.2 diesel pistons wanted

Does anybody know where to get a set of +20 pistons for a BMC 2.2 L
engine? I've tried all the usual suspects but the prices are just too
high (=A3160 each +VAT !! )
any help is much appreciated!
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whoever did the +20 rebore should be able to supply them very reasonably, eg hepolites shouldn't be more than 200 a set.
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Guy Fawkes
You could try thorntons at shrewsbury on 01743 357081 they keep lots of old stock
hth.=20 Regards Gary M.
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gary millward
Tried Thorntons, they were =A375 each + VAT and they only had +20's in stock.
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But I thought +.020 was what you were looking for????
Cheers Tim
Dutton Dry-Dock Traditional & Modern canal craft repairs Vintage diesel engine service
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Tim Leech

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