JAP 55

I bought an almost band new ex Army JAP 55 twin off eBay a few weeks ago.
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I detoured from travelling to Kent on Saturday to collect it from Battersea.
Turns out that the vendor is a film & TV special effects builder of some
note. The first thing I see as I walk in the door is a fully functional
Continental nine cylinder radial with a ten foot, four bladed prop & rigged
up on a four wheel trailer as an wind machine. Rescued from a landing craft
where it lay on its back for a living, it now produces hurricane-force winds
upon request.
Next, the steel Tyrannosaur head made for Discovery Channel, the one that
bit a Mini in half with its twelve tonne bite, the velociraptor claw machine
& a Stegosaurus skull in bone-like resin.
Now this is something I'd have readily done for a living!
Anyway, sorry for the OT stuff, but getting back to our sheep, as it were,
does anyone have a manual for the JAP 55 that I can scrounge a copy of?
Kim Siddorn.
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Kim Siddorn
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Kim, there are two copies of the JAP 55 manuals on the cd`s you got from me. -- Cheers, MartinH
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martin hirst
You are absolutely right Martin, I've looked them out & printed off a copy. Thanks for the reminder.
If anyone has a genuine one for a song, I'd still be interested.
Kim Siddorn.
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Kim Siddorn
I dragged the heavy lump out of the back of the Volvo this afternoon. The petrol in the tank smelled of old socks & burnt walnut shells, so it had been there a while. I tipped in some fresh stuff, drained the pooy stuff out of the tap bowl & gave it a wind. Nothing, although the plugs got wet. Couldn't see a spark, so attempted to clean the points.
It is a shrouded magneto, actually, a crafty conversion of an ordinary Wico mag, modified by putting it inside a cast aluminium shield. It is going to be a major excavation to get in there, so I settled for cleaning the rotor arm & pick ups in the distributor cap.
Now it had a spark!
Winding it over, it fired, then again & eventually sustained combustion but would not run properly or pick up. I suspect the jetways etc are full of smelly ooze & I must clean the carb to make it all better.
For fifty quid, it is a lot of brand new engine, 842cc with a massive flywheel, it'll be just the thing to drive a generator, turning out between 5 & 8 BHP dependent upon RPM, of course.
Then it came on to rain, so I moved it into the back garden & hid it ;o)) Regards,
Kim Siddorn.
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Kim Siddorn

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