Petter AVA1

Hello...I'm new to posting here, have been a lurker for a long time but
finally have a question worth posting. I'm newly retired from 30+
years teaching special education here in Canada and need some advice.
I've been contacted by a gent with a Petter AVA1 No 3143324, 6 bhp,
1800rpm that is missing the whole fuel system ?? (the Petter not the
I've not broached the subject of price yet as I don't know if this
engine will be practically rebuildable depending upon the
availability/cost of the parts.
So, What is the opinion of the group? Is this a good quality engine
for turning a gen head, with parts available, at a reasonable price?
Also is it subject to tinkering as I can't seem to quit doing that to
my VW's and other assorted bits of machinery?
Stan in Kimberley BC Canada
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Pump and injector is probably going to be available, maybe also the pipe. Is it a series 1 (horizontal injector) or series 2 (injector at 45 degrees) ??
We have just picked up a load of AV1 parts, and the pumps are almost the same as the AVA1 (AV1 is water-cooled, AVA1 is air-cooled)
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