Petter AVA series 2

I am currently restoring a Petter designed diesel but built by Kirloskar in
India that has the same specifications as the Petter AVA Series 2 engine
(twin cylinder 12 bhp)
I would appreciate if someone could kindly let me have the tappet clearances
plus the spill timing degrees before TDC. The only mark on the flywheel is
that for TDC. The engine will be operating at 1500 rpm driving an
alternator - 10 kva 3 phase 380/220 volts.
I only have the parts manual from semidiesel and unfortunately it does not
have the details I require.
Any help, including torque settings, will be greatfully appreciated.
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Charles Torrance
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Hi Charles, My apologies, I thought the manual was there. I've scanned a copy of the handbook and put it on the website. It gives general info on stripping timing etc but does not appear to give torque figures for rod bolts etc.
Cheers Paul
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Paul Evans
Paul, thank you very much for your kindness in putting the manual on the web site. It is an invaluable collection of information which I, and many others, source as a first "port of call" when I need technical know how. Your efforts are highly appreciated.
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Charles Torrance

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