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What a great day today, lovely and sunny so thought I`ll get the old Lister D out. Oiled and greased, cleaned the plug, water in the hopper, put some petrol in the tank, primed the carb, one turn of the handle and away she goes. Stands back (smug mode) and admires engine. Could`nt imagine a modern engine starting straight away after standing in a corner of an old shed for seven months, mind you the Lister is only seventy six years old ! My have`nt we come a long way from then. ahem. Best regards Pete.

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The old uns are the best.

i've managed to get a weekend off and get some engine stuff done too. As I sold it last weekend to fund the Petter S type I dragged the old single flywheel lister A type out of the shed and give it a maiden run for the new owner after a full rebuild about 2 years ago. Had some trouble sealing the caged valve assemblys. As the engine came to me as a box of bits I was'nt sure what seals should be fitted but after a trip to the local agricultural dealer the very helpfull storeman hunted high low and level for something suitable they turned out to be of all things some zetor tractor exhaust manafold gaskets. After a bit of modification they worked a treat. Mag timing was the next problem I set it at the points just breaking at tdc but after turning the engine over 2 revolutions the timing was a mile out the problem being the earlier A types use a 15 tooth sprocket as apposed the 16 tooth on my twin flywheel A. This rectifyed fuel was added to the tank and away she went second swing of the handle. After a bit of adjustment and a stronger gov spring it ran very nicely indeed. The buyer was well chuffed I was a bit sorry to see it go but sacrifices must be made :-((. Today i've managed to top coat the cooling and fuel tank on the crossley in between watching the bike racing and WRC on the telly, but in my haste I sprayed them with three coats of brunswick green, as it tacked of I realised my mistake :-((. But this evening a couple of coats of the correct shade put the job right and the extra layers of paint have left a lovely finish. So altogether i've had a very rewarding weekend i should do it more often.

Regards, Gary M.

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gary millward

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