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Hello everybody.

New to newsgroups and haven'tr figured out how to post pictures yet - I'll learn !

I have been offered a twin cylinder vertical McLaren Diesel Engine and have never seen one in SE Magazine or other sources, so need help..

I know very little about these especially the value ! The person selling it has been told that it is rare - I would agree since I have never seen one before, but he doesn't know the value either. I am not trying to get it for nothing but want to reach a deal that is fair to both of us. The person selling has told me that he paid a little under £150 for it, so I need some guidance as to what is a sensible price.

The engine is a twin cylinder vertical ( Can't find a model No anywhere ) and is complete except for the air inlet filter etc and the silencer ( The finned exhaust manifold casting is still there ). There are a few external pipes which are damaged. The engine is seized - but I suspect that it is a minor problem since it has been stored inside all of it's life. a lot of the original paint is still there so, for restoration I think it would be a case of wiping with an oily rag !

I can revisit and take some photographs if helpful. - If I can work out how to post them !!

Hope someone out there can help



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Tim Clark
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Don't do it the hard way and post a picture into a group that doesn't like 'em, which is most groups... Put them up into your own web space or use one of the many photo hosting sites available, then post the URL in a message.

Sorry, can't help with the engine.

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Dave Liquorice

You should remember that pictures (binaries) are unwelcome in text newsgroups. Some news servers will automatically delete them, including the accompanying text!

--=20 cerberus

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24bhp @ 1500rpm 4-5/16" bore X 5.90" stroke Ricardo Comet combustion chamber 840lbs dry weight



44bhp @ 1000rpm 5-9/16" bore X 7-7/8" stroke Ricardo Comet combustion chamber 1860lbs dry weight


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Peter A Forbes

Hi Tim, If the engine is a LMR2 it's value based on running condition would be about £500 to £700 and if it's a MR2 then that goes up to £1,000 to £1,500 both these engines have become most sort after in the last year or so as they fit drag lines and boats so for around £150 buy it you cant go wrong!

regards Steve.

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steve green

Thanks to all who replied. Since then my computer has gone belly up and I managed to lose the replies I received directly - hence no reply ! - sorry. Oh for an IC powered computer !

Still haven't any photos, but working on it for those who may be interested.



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Tim Clark

A few notes:

I bought an MR4 with 1000rpm/55 kva alternator from a scap yard in Banbury some years ago, which was delivered on a skip lorry. A beautifull engine, about 4.5 tons and 6 feet high, with Listarded cylinders cast in pairs, hot wick igniters on two cylinders and a small Petter engine and bottle on the end for starting. A 4 foot or so dia flywheel, about one inch thick between the engine and alternator and the whole thing about 20 feet long on approx 3 foot wide rolled steel / formed bedplate. The engine crankcase was welded / fabricated entirely from about 12-15 mm steel plate, with 5 bearing crank and a sump that took around 30 gallons of oil. It was one of a batch of 1500 built just after the war (1948) to power bombed out factories etc and was told that it came from a bra factory in Banbury, used as a standbye genset. The oil was discoloured but so clean it looked like it had never been run. To start it, the Petter compressor (A2 crankcase with one cylinder engine and 1 compressor cylinder) was used to pump up the air bottle to around 350 psi, the engine barred over to the correct point, then the air valve opened to admit air to two of the cylinders via cam activated auxiliary air valves.

Have only ever seen one other example - a green painted MR4, same type, at the 1000 engine rally some years ago. Still regret selling it, but just didn't have the space and grandiose ideas of an old Gardner engined truck to take it to shows were just too impractical and unaffordable. Was the cleanest old diesel I have ever seen running though - absolutely no smoke at all once it had warmed up...


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Chris Quayle

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