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God forbid that postings to this group contain only subject matter directly related to "stationary engines".By doing so this would exclude many interesting threads. I also enjoy the gentle humour and urine extraction that takes place between certain individuals.

Maybe the Ng could be renamed "uk.rec.stationary engine .anoraks":-) I have also posted OT and if relevant will do so again.

Whilst on the subject of postings,there are many request for info/source of bits/tech.problems and I know that a lot of help is given but rarely do you see from the enquirer the outcome. I tend to post thanks offlist but techy probs/solutions I would like to read about. Mike.H.

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related to "stationary engines".By doing so

certain individuals.

bits/tech.problems and I know that a lot of

If we were true anoraks, it would be a very limited discussion forum.

The fact that we, collectively, have an enormously wide range of years, experience, jobs and interests only makes the background chat more interesting.

'Thank You' posts are something that are only too rare, and even more so on private emailed enquiries.


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