Stuarts at Astle '07

Just as an initial heads up, Dave Mc C & I are both aiming to take Stuart Turner flat twins to Astle Park next year. I thought it might be fun to see how many we could get there, already probably the greatest number in one place since the end of the war!

If you have one lurking under the bench or know of one hiding somewhere, you might like to join in the Flat Spin!

BTW, Dave & I are preparing an article for SEM, hopefully for publication in early spring. This should raise more interest & give a decent lead time for Astle Park.


J. Kim Siddorn,

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Kim Siddorn
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Worth adding that one of the aims of the article is to kick off a register of these units which will hopefully bring a few more out of the woodwork. The perk of submitting details to the register would be a photocopy of the engine manual....however, heres the important bit!!....we are still trying to get hold of such a manual to offer it in return so if anyone knows of a ST Flat Twin & Dynamo manual we are keen to hear from you !! :-)

Regards David

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David McC

Although I don't own a Stuart Turner flat twin, I do have 2 other flat twins a Petter PU8 which was restored and rallied quite a few years ago and a Douglas which I have had running but needs a bit more work. I think a large number of us have flat twin engines of this type at the back of the shed or under the bench forgotten about and prefer to rally a water cooled farm type engine. Norman engines are popular for rallying then there are Coventry Victor, Enfield (small petrol and big diesel) and there must be others. Would it not be an idea to for us to take this further and have a Flat Twin display at either Astle Park or another central rally which we could all get to?


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