Bachmann 45/1 blue Peaks

Bachmann's recently released blue Peak 45114 is not supplied with the air
reservoir tanks which should be fitted below the battery boxes. All class
45/1s carried these throughout their working lives after conversion to dual
Ironically Bachmann have fitted these air tanks to their green Peak models,
none of which should have them as far as I can ascertain.
I believe that Bachmann are to source the missing air reservoir mouldings
from their Chinese factory, but it may take a little time. Contact your
retailer if you've bought one and want the missing parts.
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John Turner
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Wouldn't be quicker for Bachmann or the retailers themselves just to swap the chassis around between the green and blue models, or are there other issues involved ?...
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That would require the retailer having enough green to do this properly.
I'm sure that sending parts out to retailers is the only really workable solution....models have probably already left the factory...
Further more, retailers will be able to fit the parts to unsold items, though I'm sure this will be done on a some will - some won't basis....
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Craig Douglas
"Craig Douglas" wrote
I wasn't suggesting that retailers should rob green to fit to blue - I'm not sure whether they're glued on for starters.
Bachmann are sourcing the air reservoir mouldings from China and they should be made available to retailers who ask for them.
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John Turner
Mine were glued on, it was quite a struggle to get them off. Keith Make friends in the hobby. Visit Garratt photos for the big steam lovers.
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Keith Norgrove
I was thinking more about swapping the complete chassis not just the tank mouldings.
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