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A local welding outlet sold me a pair of flashback arrestors with a 9/16th thread. I explained it was for a Port a Torch cart and when I got home the threads did not match. Is it safe to add the thread adaptors to accommodate the 3/8th thread I need? The store charges a re-stocking fee and their prices are a bit cheaper the local Praxair store in town.

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A restocking fee should not apply since they sold you the wrong arrestor. If you would have grabbed one off the shelf with no help, that's one thing, but since you told them what it was for it's their mistake. Talk to a manager if you have to.


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You can ad adapting fitting if you want. It would be no different that adding hose. I am wondering just what kind of thread you are having problems with. Usually flashback arrestors have one female and one male thread. both threads are identical and not tapered pipe threads. One end attaches your welding hose fitting on the end of the hose and the female end attaches to the straight threaded fitting on your regulator. Did you remove the fitting from your regulator rather than the hose end from the fitting??? Randy

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Randy Zimmerman

I think he's looking for the smaller 'A' size fittings used on smaller torch sets like the portables. The typical set uses 'B' size which is much more common.

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scroll down to the Gentec Welding Products section and click on "Hose Repair Kits & Crimping Tools" to see a reference to the 2 sizes. It doesn't say much but it's the best I could find. :-)

Unfortunately they don't list flashback arrestors in the 'A' size so he may have no option but to use adapters. If the set is fairly new it may have them built into the torch though.

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