Gary C. has mind altering powers... beware!

I recently posted a question regarding which mig welder would give me
what I was looking for, (posted as "ANOTHER mig welder question") and
good old Gary Coffman "suggested" a 220v model. Well that little seed
grew and grew and grew and this week I'll be ordering a Millermatic
175. I want everybody to be aware of Gary's supernatural powers of
persuation. If you decide to post a question regarding let's say a
tank or cylinder, you might just be navigating a kenworth with a
tanker attached into your driveway in a couple days! so people please
use extreme caution when posting any questions on this ng! Seriously,
Gary, you made me think a little harder and this will be perfect for
any application i can think of over the years. Thanks for the advice.
(so now i'm happy and my wife hates you, hehehehehe)
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