Making Bronze & Iron Grass

I'm working on a gate with bronze and steel grass with a steel frame. I forged the grass from 1/8" square bar and was thingking of using brazing rod for the bronze grass.

Problem is, if I use brazing rod, I can't TIG it to itself or the steel. I gave to braze, which I'm thinking will be a little tougher than using the TIG and pedal.

Anyone have a suggestion? Can I get weldable round stock in 5/32,

1/8, and 3/32 round or square?



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TIG Brazing is easy. No flux needed.

Just make sure you use Silicon bronze for both your grass stalks and the filler rod. No Low-Fuming-Bronze.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Gosh - just last weekend we poured 21 # of Si Bronze into my sand box. :-)

Now I'm milling out the project. Beautiful stuff. Looks like 24K.


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Martin H. Eastburn

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