mig welding 304 stainless

going to be starting an interesting job building the kneader bars for a continuous production pizza dough machine , all 304 ss plate , waterjet cut shapes and bars , i owuld like to mig this for efficiency but i am concerned about spatter and best way to get penetration on un veed edges will be assembling mostly 3/4 and 1.25 section materials .

plan to pre heat as we found it very effective when we tig welded the last one .

i think we ended up prepping the tig welded bar with 1/8 inch vees on all the edges and it has held up fine .

planning to mig without veeing if i can as a 1/8 or 1/4 fillet will be fine with this application..

any suggestions as to gas , wire , or any hints . we have mig welders from 250 to 600 amps , no pulsed mig though

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Switch to a Gas Shielded Flux-core. You will get much deeper penetration, and a cleaner, spatter free weld.

ESAB makes a few wires that would work. Arcaloy MC308L is a high deposition metal core wire. Shield-Bright 308L is a gas shielded flux-core wire.

Both would give you much better results than a hard wire MIG weld.

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