Oxy-Acetylene tanks and regulator questions

Hi all -
we acquired another oxy-acetylene rig at an auction this weekend and now
I have a couple of dumb questions about it.
The newly acquired set has larger bottles than our existing one and what
appear to be better regulators, so we were going to combine two into one
and peddle the surplus pieces - but first -
The regulators are Smiths type BB. I can't find a listing of them
anywhere and I think they're two stage (and with larger diaphragms) than
the single stage Victor regulators (that came with the Victor
'Performer' package) we have currently.
My Question: Should I swap the Smiths regulators for the Victors?
The new bottles are larger than what we currently have. I'm thinking
about keeping them as 'rotating spares' but I wonder if I actually own
them. We have the paperwork for our 'customer owned' bottles we have on
the system now, but the new oxygen bottle has "Lund Gases, Inc -
Shreveport LA" cast into the neck. It also has a sticker on the neck
from BOC gases, whom I presume did the last refill. The place I bought
them from has had them for many years.
My Question: Is this a rental bottle that got waylaid and we need to
return it? We're in Oregon, so this tank has seen some travel time :)
And finally, while researching the tanks I measured my existing
'customer owned' tanks. The oxygen is a standard 80 CF size Q but the
acetylene is marked 75CF and measures about 7" diameter and 30" high.
My Question: Is this a standard tank or some sort of orphan?
Thanks in advance for any help or advice offered.
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