Praxair fire

I find it comical how ignorant news reporters are when discussing events. This recent fire at a Praxair facility is a great example. It initially was described a plant that "MADE" oxygen tanks. Basic Chemistry would have told you there was something other than oxygen there. Good video shots of tanks venting flammable gas were instructive. Randy

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Randy Zimmerman
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I've also noticed that those people don't seem to have a lot of clues. Strange, you'd think they'd be curious people and look into stuff they're talking about..


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Coincendentaly, I was at my local gas distributor here in St. Louis this morning. Although not at Paxair. As I went to the dock to pick up my new 80cf tank, a forklift had just dropped a container of about

20 cylinders on the parking lot. I saw broken handles from shut off valves laying all around. Maybe they were shipping these to Praxair downtown? I love living on the edge! Anybody else here in St. Louis?


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There were some awesome blasts of flames when some of the tanks cut loose, and some great spirals when they lost their valves.


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