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I am currently using a Dewalt 14" dry cut saw with the standard blade to

> cut 1/8" aluminum rectangle stock. > > When cutting I am hanging off the saw to put as much downward force to > cut with every tooth but I still find the metal to be smearing. I then > have to go back and file off the crap. I have not read of anyone else > having this problem. My blade is very sharp and cuts galv pipe with > ease. > > Am I soing something wrong or should I invest in the Tenryu pro-cut non > ferrous blade. > > Pics to follow. > > - Mike >

Buy a gallon of ZEP Big Orange, for about $25. It is a concentrated orange cleaner.

Go here.

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On ZEP's main page punch 0415 into the search window and it will come up.

Find your local ZEP distributor.

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Pour some in a spray bottle.

Spritz the sides of the blade every few cuts and you will get shiny smooth cuts with no smearing or burrs.

It is the best cutting fluid I have ever used on aluminum, after 20 years of metal fab experience. Plus it has no water in it so it won't rust anything, and is non-toxic and just smells like oranges.

I use the stuff on my porter Cable 14" dry saw all the time.

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Ernie, do you use the ZEP only on aluminum or when cutting steel also?


Ernie Leimkuhler wrote:

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