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I have a SA 200, a 1980. The idle circuit board is fried, and a new one is $50 on ebay. Other than that, it works fine. You just have to use a custom coat hanger to hold the throttle at the perfect place. Has new tires, relatively new paint job, engine tune up, new radiator, and runs nice. No white smoke on start up.

I have seen these all over the board price wise, because they are everywhere from pristine to rode hard and put up wet. I think I'd pressure wash it, and go over the paint job. It also has a 4' x 4' table on one side where one of the cover panels was removed. The other panel is long gone, but another would not be too hard to get if a fellow just had to have one. I'll get a picture up on flickr, buy you all know what they look for.

What do you think is a good price as is? And if I fix the circuit board? I don't use it ever. Maybe I might put it out to rent, but I never have liked renting or loaning things.

Advice, caveats, and info appreciated.


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