silver nickel brazing

I was going to make a repair using some silver nickel brazing rod. Problem
is the repair will be subjected to a bit of heat. While I have the temps at
which it melts and solidifies I figured the actual temp where it can still
make a useful bond is a lot lower. My repair will be subject to temps in the
800 to 900F range. Is the hard variety of brazing material suitable for
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No. Even hard braze material will have lost most of its strength at that temperature. Figure 400 F is about the top operating temperature if you need the braze to have good tensile strength.
There may exist special alloys, yada, yada, yada, that hold their strength to higher temperatures. But for ordinary brazing alloys, don't expect much strength as your operating temperature exceeds about 1/3 of their melting point.
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Gary Coffman

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