TIG Welding Brass

Using .030 thick Muntz metal (yellow brass), want to TIG weld with filler,
but need to leave the weld bead (stacked dimes look) in place, ideally, with
a good color match after polishing. Rolling the sheet into a tube shape and
butt welding two tubes together.
Thinking of Zirconiated Tungsten, balled end, AC balanced, on A Miller 351
What would be a matching filler rod...cosmetic joint only? I'm I on the
right track ?
Thanks for any/all replies!
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Use DCEN, Lanthanated tungsten, pointed end. As to filler, no matter what you use, if you wish it to color match with the brass, you will be dealing with zinc fumes, so take precautions.
Low-fuming bronze would be my best guess. It is almost as yellow as brass, and won't burn out as much as brass rod will.
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