Web orders, MSRP vs disount prices, etc.

It seems that 25% off MSRP is common for Miller and Lincoln products
sold on line.
Shipping is also "free", though somehow customers pay for everything.
Does anyone know if welders are "stocked" or just drop shipped from the
factory ?
Right now it looks as if welding supply has the best prices on Lincoln
Powermigs, but once you put stuff in the shopping cart S&H charges
start to appear.
I guess I resent being charged for "handling" if it is coming factory
direct, it feels like a ploy to advertise the lowest possible price and
hope the customer will just accept the handling charge.
Actually they call it "Std delivery" and it comes out to between 2.75
and 3.1 %.
Are better deals to be had on, say a PMIG 255 ? I mean bottom line,
shipping included, delivered total, out of pocket price actually PAID !
The number that actually hits the VISA card.
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I bought both my miller machines (sd180 tig, millermatic 175 mig) from Indiana Oxygen through ebay and they provided excellent service. Both units were "free shipping" (obviously it's in the price) and the mig was shipped to my home. The tig was shipped to a common carrier and i picked it up locally. I wanted to buy locally but the welding supplier in my area that sells miller kinda sucks, the lincoln supplier is great but i really wanted the millers. Here's there online store address:
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of the welders got lost along the way and they sent out another with no hesitation, super people! good luck, walt
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Thanks for the pointer. weldingsupply is still a bit cheaper than ioc, even with their "std delivery". Its probably just me kicking back at low prices and "free" shipping with a shipping charge added in later. The TACTIC is what is ticking me off (-:
So I need to decide if it is worth spending more just on principle against this tactic - it is probably not (-:
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That's always a tough issue.. If the difference is small enough I'd go with the more honest guys, but if it's more than you can stand to pay then I guess you have to change how you look at it and just go with the ones that irritate more..
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