Welding 455 Stainless

Hello I have to TIG weld a project that is made from 455 S.S. , I have 17-4 PH [ 630 ] Filler , 420 Filler and several rods in the 300 series , 308, 309 ,

316 etc , seems like the 17-4 might work , the properties are slightly different , any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks Phil L.
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From what I can find on the web, this is a pretty neat new alloy. It combines the workability and corrosion resistance of 300 series SS with the hardenability and strength of 400 series SS.

Looks like PH 17-4 or PH 13-8 can be used as filler on it, and it does NOT require a preheat for welding, which is really nice.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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