welding beer bottle caps

Has anybody welded beer bottle caps with a MIG machine?

What kind of metal are they made from?

I would simply go out and try to weld them, but I won't have the opportunity to use welding equipment again until next friday. I don't want to spend an hour hammering bottle caps flat if I can't weld them.



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Dare I ask....WHY?

Any MIG machine running 0.024" wire at a low voltage should have no trouble welding bottle caps.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Table top I bet. I have a bunch of weird ones I have been saving for years.


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Plastic mainly. They're going to be unpleasnt to weld because the seal layer on the inside will start burning off as soon as you look at them. You'll also lose the printing on the outer side.

Should I, for some unfathomable reason, want to make a tabletop from beerbottle tops, I'd cast them into a slab of polyester resin.

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Andy Dingley

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