welding chart?

Is there a chart somewhere that shows approximate voltages, inches-per-minute wire speeds and gas flow rates for different thicknesses of steel? I guess such a chart would be pretty complex and would more likely be a whole group or book of charts showing different wire types, joint types and so on....

I'm constantly amazed by people who can throw out comments like 'oh, you'll want 22.5 volts with 175 inches per minute, and 14lpm on your gas for a fillet joint with that wire on 8mm steel'.

Surely there's a chart out there *somewhere* with all this info on it?

Thanks Shaun

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Mine is on the inside cover of my MillerMatic 251. Its in the manual, too. Check out Miller's site:

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The wire speed runs about 10% too high. Thanks to Ernie for that tip.

Good luck

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John L. Weatherly

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