110v vs. 220v for welder

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Finally I got hold of an arc welder. It has of course wiring for both 110v and 220v. Now there is some advantage to use one or the other? I can get up to 50 amps for 110v. I have also 208v 3 wire 3 phase. Can one get (almost) 220v from there? I assume not as it would be two phases and not one phase + neutral. Any advice thanked in advance.

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208 is not 220. So use the 110 hookup. Connecting 208 to 220 equipment is usually a recipe for unpleasantness, up to and including magic smoke release. If you keep an eye out, you might well find a good deal of (and on) 208V 3 phase equipment, which is designed for that voltage and hard to sell on the used/hobby market since many home/hobby shops (and some commercial shops) do not have access to 3 phase.

If you have a choice of 110 or 220, use the 220.

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Anyone know how big a rotary converter it would take to run a Lincoln Idealarc 250, 3phase welder?


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Gunner sez: "Anyone know how big a rotary converter it would take to run a Lincoln Idealarc 250, 3phase welder?"

Errr, what is the HP of the Lincoln Edealarc 250, 3phase welder? It'd take a rotary made from an idler motor of at least 1-1/2 x the welder HP. More would be better, esp. if you weren't too careful with the caps.

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