Building the AMA Sport Utility Twin

A friend and I have started construction on the SUT that is featured in this month's AMA magazine. If you'd like to hear about the things we have found and some tips on improvements, drop me a line at I don't won't to bore those of you who don't like scratch projects. When we're finsished I'll describe the maiden flight.

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Please, *please* post to the newsgroup. And if you can get any pictures, please post them to There are many people here who are interested in scratch building (even if we've never really scratch built before). The way the newsgroups work is that people post on what interests them, and the reader either ignores what they don't like, or else they use the post as an opportunity to expand their horizons. Please post.

Thanks, Vicki

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Victoria Heisner

I agree- heck just a few years ago, there'd be over 10,000 posts listed in the lastr 30 days- now look at the newsgroup, only 476 listed by my browser!- yes, please post your comments. Many of us do talk scratch building, designing, theory, experience, etc, and those that don't yet, should... Paul

PS The funny thing is that a lot of the comments then were political tripe from the right-wing wacko crowd, and it's funny how silent they all are now that their boy has totally f***** things up in this country (US)...

Victoria Heisner wrote:

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