Charging Ni-Cds

Im sure this subject has probably been beaten to death on this forum before, so apologies. Having purchased some new Tx and Rx Ni-Cds, of 700mAh and

1400mAh respectively for my return to the hobby/sport/obsession etc, I have noticed that the charging instructions are such that they should be charged at 70mA and 140mA.My (standard issue) JR/Macgregor charges both Tx and Rx at a fixed 60mA. Does this mean that I should extend the charging times proportionally, or do I need to buy new chargers in order to charge them effectively? TIA Andy.
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Andrew Witt
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Capacity in mAh = charge current in mA x charge time in hours. Add in a little extra time to compensate for losses.


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Morris Lee

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