Clearcoat for Solartex?

I am looking for a good clearcoat for Solartex that will not get gummy or soften if I have to re-iron or repair it in the future. In the past, I have used or tested Lusterkote, Minwax Polyurethane, automotive 2 part clears and the new Ultracote clear. Of these, the Lusterkote seems to be the best all around with the Minwax a close second. The Minwax is easily re-ironed or repaired but is not as fuel-proof as the Lusterkote clear. Would like to hear some opinions and experiences clear coating Solartex.


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I have had good results with simply using clear butyrate dope. Like any dope job, it isn't instant, it takes a while and a number of coats. After several weeks, the >>>tex stays taut like a dope job should.


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I have used formula U, Coverite and the one you suggested with equal results - although I prefer coverite paint personally.


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Hi, If you are using Solartex from the UK then you should be able to obtain 'Clearcote' from the same manufacturer (Solarfilm in the UK) specifically made for the purpose. This is a clear non yellowing flexible resin coating applied witha brush or spray. Based on what seems to be a cellulose thinner base, once dryed 1/2 hour and fully cured a few days is fully fuel proof and easily ironed over and maintained. Its good stuff and good for overcoating wood prior to covering protecting the wood from fuel soak and giving the tex a good surface pre-treatment.

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Nick Beard

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